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That was definitely an interesting concept.

It got the both of us really good. Definitely enjoyed this short horror game. We're very impressed with your first attempt and would love to see any future games you make! 

Nothing worth mentioning, but for being your first game, it functioned well as a trigger test, and your next game, “Cleaning Service” was leaps and bounds ahead of this one, so good work on that. This was just your first attempt, but you’ve improved a lot, keep moving forward.

There was no spooked Cass, but boy, does that Ukelele slap.

It got me a couple times but great game

Nice game

That was alot of fun! Very creepy! Good music too!

a fun scary game with good music (second one played)

My all her

Good game, but i hate those bubu's kept turning off my music lol

I love the jumpscares in this game! They are very unexpected! Amazing game to start out on! Can't wait to see what else you do!

This Game Is very well made I like the concept and how scary it is especially the jumpscare that is so unexpected.
you should play

Great smart use of free assets and the small enclosed environment makes it work. I wasn't expecting much, but I really liked it!

I really enjoyed this game! lowkey got lost lmaooo!

This short game is cool and creepy great job for a first project, hope I see more games soon and thanks.

This was really cool and creepy!

Nice game for your first go, good scary elements.  I also recommend you put the game on

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

Fun game! Definitely creepy! 

SKIP TO 22:00!!!

This game was actually really fun! Great job, my friend!

This was quite an enjoyable experience. Good work!

The game is good

This game caught me off guard multiple times and it was super fun! Here if my experience if you want to check it out:

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I played That Dream yesterday and I quite enjoyed it.
I thought it was really good for a first project, well done!
Hope to see more games of you in the future.

This is amazing for a first project, the idea was definitely there, and it's fantastic I tried to predict jump scares.. and uh well that didn't work out for me xD  

I was expecting a little more, but for a first project it is very nice. Keep up the good work. I hope I see more games of yours.

That was extremely well made and scary, especially for a first made game. Keep up the good work!

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It's a very interesting expreience of a game. It left me puzzled and wanting to know more while likewise being entertaining in of itself.

I liked this, it was short but good. (starts at 17:40)

Very cool little game. Would defiantly

love to see more 👍🏻👍🏻

Yeah, no. Never moving into a large house ever. Did not expect the music to cut out and a shadow mannequin to  be standing over it.  Really great experience from start to finish, and was super creepy and very ominous!

this game was crazy.i was confusion,suspenseful-ly scared and really panicking lol

I was never afraid of Mannequins until now !!! 

Really liked this! Much more compelling than I was expecting! Second game in the video! 

(start 4:48) Why would anyone be alone at the office?? just leave!?!

great job for it being your first game, very well done. Mwah <3

Pretty good game! Really enjoyed!

quite the scares too! ; )

The first scare, had gotten me so bad. Like it shouldn't have gotten me as bad as it did! The game is amazing and wish it was longer! Hope to see more from you soon :>


This one was really good, thoroughly enjoyed it!

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