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I had a lot of fun playing your game in my last stream over here:

So much fun! Thanks for making this and can't wait to see what you do next!

J'ai bien aimé, un des premiers petits jeux indépendants que j'ai testé, j'ai hâte d'en faire plus!  // I enjoyed it, one of the first small independent games I've tested, I can't wait to make more from you! 

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Dreaming of games this dream, or I guess That Dream, was like falling into a pixelated wonderland where reality and imagination danced a jittery jig! It was a whirlwind adventure through virtual realms, where every click led to another bizarre level of excitement!

Hey, there's a guy that seems to be running a scam involving your game - albeit, it's just the title lol. The gameplay shown is obviously Iron Lung. Genuinely, did they think they were gonna fool us?


I see, thanks for the information. Also, what a scum

Hey there is a problem with convert the rar data.

Can you please upload an zip data?

This was Creepy! LOVED it! That scare at the end was superb!

Nice game! much appreciated ! :)

This seems to be very much a take on One Late Night? Same office setting, go get coffee, ghost/monster haunting you. Even ends with a screen asking if you’ll be back tomorrow. Not as in-depth aa One Late Night.

Played this as the first part of a 3 Scary Games video, and absolutely had a blast with it! So well done, lots of things I wasn't expecting, and jumped a couple times! Good job! Check the Video (time stamps in the Description)

Since I deleted the original video I made on this game I decided pay it a revisit. Tbh, it still holds up even though the graphics and stuff are kind of dated. Made a video on it.

Fun and short game, loved the scares and timing. I liked the graphics as well, crisp and attractive. If I could recommend anything, I'd say don't explain/ask anything at the end (i.e. the text), just let it happen. We're supposed to be uncomfortable. Enjoyed the experience a lot, thanks for creating!

Great job! I played on my channel :)

aweonao prepusio

not bad for first game. really good job.

this is my first game : Eleven by Stone Castle Lab ( 

Good game, also the beat was fire

Such a simple game , it was super easy to commentate over. I enjoyed the atmosphere as well, good job !

Here is my playthrough if you're interested :)

Comments below clip;

Well done for a first game. You obviously have a knack for it, so please keep on going, so we can be entertained by your quality games.

It was really entertaining for your first game! Good work! Keep it up and we hope to see more games! 

Für sein erstes Spiel ist das schon sehr gut gemacht. Da steckt aufjedenfall eine Menge Potential drin.

Bitte mehr davon :)

i actually quite enjoyed this game! I played it on stream during my indie horror marathon and it definitely got me good! on numerous occasions, i got a good jumpscare.

heres a clip of one of my fav scares- 

I liked it, for a first game it's bloody fantastic! I got a couple good spooks and not too many bugs. Great work :)

ALSO, there's some thicc dudes in this game my man xD: 


For a short game AND a first game, this was really good ^_^ Here is my playthrough of it and 'Cleaning Service' which is another game by Bored Leviathan

Good Games

It's well made for a first game. Gave me a good spook.

Playing 10 Horror Games on

This Game Was Def Good I Was Stuck For Quite Sometimes Almost Gave up But I Made It Through In The End, I Thought Maybe There Could Be A Different Ending Like You Cant Tell The Diff Between Reality And Dream All Thought It A Suggestion

Great game! <3 not that scary but creepy 

I really liked the ending of this game. I also liked those spooky ladies who were kinda creepy.

Well made game. Worth the play.

Game here:

Subscribe please!

The ghosts are cheeky! Solid game, solid scares

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Great game it definitely gave me spooks! First game I played. Check out my video.

Tolles Spiel und echt eine geile Grafik! Eine tolle Storyline mit guten Gruseleffekten! Mal eine Frage: Was macht dieser Spieler eigentlich beruflich? Ich sollte Umschulen... xD 4/5 

Great game! I might not sleep again after this XD 

Its Great Game Keep it up

Great job! Especially for your first game! I legitimately got the biggest scare of my life playing this game. I would say it's not entirely obvious how to progress the game at the beginning but that's ultimately what led to me getting massively scared so I can't complain lol. I had fun playing! Check out my video if you get the chance. Thanks for making the game!

Hello, I played this game and I liked it, especially for your first game it was really good, great job :)

good game
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