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Short and good horror story, nice graphics.


Very well made, really ominous throughout, love it! 10/10

I really enjoyed playing this one, very well made! Keep it up!

I played this game it's really great, and so scary

Sorry, aber mich holt der Horror hier gar nicht ab. Das ist alles viel zu generisch:

I got to play several games in my last stream, including your game:

It was such a pretty great game, thank you so much for all your work!

Can't wait for your next experiments! Take care.

it was a pretty fun game

There is an Problem with converting the rar data. Can you please fix that?

I want to play :D

Great Game! I don't know why other people say that's Jason when it's clearly Roy Burns lol Oh well. Had fun with this!

Good job

very cool short horror game bro 


Pretty good game! Nice plot twist as well. I would say that maybe an original monster would be better than Jason, but during the game I understood why you chose him. In either way, good job and good game =)

La treizième séries de ce spécial de l'horreur 3 pour 1 et voici les titres ; - Ned Flanders Kill The Simpsons Vous êtes Ned et votre but est de tué toutes la famille Simpson ( Très Violent). - Another NightMare Un cauchemar qui doit se terminé au plus vite. - Delirious Vous devez prendre des médicaments car vous souffez d'hallucination.

I do like the visuals, and I do like Jason! fun short game

Pretty good game. The plot here is predictable in places, but quite interesting, albeit short, and the finale may surprise) The graphics are also not bad, but it just lacks its settings in order to better optimize the process. Also, the atmosphere here is very frightening and unusual, and during the attack of GG everything looks quite unusual. In general, a fairly good game, it will be good for the evening

you made me dream...thx ! *-* <3

Very well-done graphic design and horror game!!

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I had WAAAAY too much fun recording this. 10/10 game bruu! 🤠

Pretty cool game, wish it was longer, can't wait to play more games from you!

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Interesting, Plot Twist Was Kinda Obvious But I Liked The Game, Short And Scary.

Starts at : 14:41

I love the end, keep it up!

Short And Scary Perfect

Its The Last Game

great game! got lost a little though

Fun and interesting game. I certainly didn't expect any of it coming well done and can't wait for more in the future! 

It was definitely a short, that's for sure. Good plot twist there at the end. 

I usually don't play games with monsters in it because I suck at WASD. I died, like a lot, but I'm so glad I stuck it out! Great game, Great Ending! Loved it!

nice game.. love the story and graphics! :)

Gameplay included on my list of 17 short horror games. Games either being played on PC or Steam Deck.

New game Delirious. Pretty fun game ngl. to be very honest, expected a little more but it wasn't bad by any means.

link to my video.

Hey guys, I'm new to youtube and would appriciate if you watched my video (: if you do enjoy leave a like and comment it would make my day (: oh and subscribe if you reallly liked it ! Thank youuuuuu

This is such a cool concept for a game! I really enjoyed playing


I really enjoyed this, kind of a self discovery, and then it happens. A few surprises that were very well enjoyed! Keep up the great work!

This was amazing.

Had a lot of fun with this one! Thank you for putting this out there! It was very fun and well made! (My thumbnail is more of a joke)

Fun and interesting game. I certainly didn't expect any of it coming well done and can't wait for more in the future! 

Comments below clip:

I simply loved playing this game. Very nicely done. Both story line as well as the layout and texturing ensure a player immerses in a different world. A place where nothing is as it seems.

No hiccups of snags. Kudos to all involved. Have added you to my 'To Follow' list.


This is a scary and fun horror game to play. Hope you enjoy my gameplay :D

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