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Wow, great game!!. 

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Really scary dont play at night (WELL WHY DID I PLAY AT NIGH?!?)

Cool game. The only critique I have is the height of the character - it felt like I was going to hit my head against the top of the doors, LOL. Other than that, this was another nice short horror - I really enjoy your games.

This was great! Went in a totally different direction than what I expected. One thing I love about your games is the unique feeling I get playing them. Each environment feels like a place disconnected from reality. I loved this game! 

I recommend it! Download it and play it! Is short, it has an interesting little puzzle/gamey momment, and a satisfactory ending! If you are interested, come and watch me play it, I had a lot of fun with this game, no that many spooks but that is not what this game is about, so no jumpscares at all :)

super fun game!

love it

Good try!

i very like the ending 

nice work  : )

This game was fun! Loved Friday the 13th, ANOES references. Good job! Also Jason got meeeee like oomg! Check the video! 

Pretty spooky. It was pretty easy but I will say that it made me a bit nervous until I was able to umm, well (insert spoiler here). Nice job!



It was short but it had a few good scares and some good level design.



I LOVED the experience... Thank you so much for taking the time to develop this. Here's my short playthrough, if anybody's interested.

Liked the game, creepy at first but the tension wore off after a little while still thought it was a pretty solid game. 

Your game starts at 10:14

Another cool one, cheers! 

You guys did a great job on this game. The Scares were very mild as compared to the games of your's that i have played in the past. I can't wait for another amazing product in the future. Here is a video that i uploaded on my channel. Do subscribe because it helps out alot

Very cool game, a little rough around the edges, but got the atmosphere going. The fact that the bad guy was static made it a little less tense, but I understand that making a game is a hard task, and I am honestly positively surprised how well the dark environment created great tension. Maybe a little more use of audio to increase the buildup next time. But great job!


Very creepy horror game great work.

For having no description, I'd call this game pretty dang good lol

Hello Bored Leviathan!

I thought the game looked nice, and definitely gave me some good chills! I like the little twist at the end, didn't expect that haha.

You make some amazing games ive played a few of yours in the past! any how this game was scary too!! great job! 

Thanks for making an interesting game. I loved the idea and the call back to classic horror. The twist was awesome too. Keep making these awesome games my friend. 

Good game, very fun, I want you to subscribe to my channel and support me, greetings friend; Placebogames - YouTube

I will need crazy pills after this lol  Σ(っ °Д °;)っ

Odd, bizarre, wonky and just plain weird. I love it. I liked the details of having the latest consoles. I would make the Jason chase you a bit faster so its scarier, but overall great game!

Cool game. :)

Short and creepy, I like it.

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good creepy

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Another amazing game! This was very short but really well made and fun! Great job guys! I always enjoy your games and will be looking out for future games!

Amazing game dev :D 

Great game, dude! I love your work. It's always fun seeing "you know who" in an indie game. Thanks for the fun!

Good game as expected! I was not expecting that twist ending though, lol. I really enjoy playing your games and look forward to your next one. I did a gameplay that I will link below if you are interested in seeing my reaction.

Short and excellent game, wish it was longer but still cool.

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