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Amazing game! Was much more difficult than I expected but the atmosphere was incredible! Would play again and can’t wait to check out other BL games.

Video premier 10/10/22 @ 10am PDT

So I purchased the bundle and played through all 4 games included (Mannequin House, Nightmare Shift, Down Beneath, and Doll House), and this one was my favorite.

Graphics were fantastic. It ran smooth.  The lighting was good.  Mouse sensitivity, while not adjustable, was better than previous games.  The atmosphere was creepy.

My critique on this game is honestly the same as the others.  Would love more of a story.  We started with a story about 2 friends exploring an abandoned house in the woods, but once youre in the house, Mark is essentially forgotten.  
The design of the first and second floor are great.  It feels like an old farm house.  The basement was a little odd with all the brick walls creating mazes, but it wasnt the worst.  

Ultimately, you are very talented with atmosphere and sound design and I really believe you will make some really amazing horror games down the road.  
I'm going to check out your other games and definitely follow future projects!

Freaking love it :3 Felt like everything was well balanced, from the scares to the mechanics to the story. 

very creepy and awesome game. :D 

This game really freaked me out!

Bro those children scared the crap out of me when I was walking around the house. I didn't know how to react this was really good.

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Another short horror game that I have enjoyed by Bored Leviathan. I liked the atmosphere, lightning and sound design was good. Wasn't a fan of the main mechanic but was still an enjoyable game that kept me on the edge and was done very well. Always look forward to any games you do!

Let me start off with, MY GOD THIS SCARED ME! I actually played this one live and it still scared me with a live audience. It builds such a great atmosphere. More than that it creates so many questions, and all I want now is the lore of why. 

The boy or is it a doll, I'm nit sure, but the mechanic of it stopping and going by light is a great mechanic and panic inducing. I also noticed the weeping angle aspects of the dolls and mannequins. The sfx are tight, and it's not difficult enough that you can't escape. My only question is... What happened to Mark? Definitely recommend. It's the first game in the video above. So download it and try it.

It's worth it.

Well now I'm actually afraid of dolls lol Really great atmosphere and sound design, loved finding the notes and trying to figure out the story! Great work

Para mi gusto la combinación de niños y juguetes son de las cosas mas terroríficas que se pueden hacer, así que probar este juego fue como vivir una de las experiencias mas aterradoras posibles, mis felicitaciones a los creadores del juego

Its another fun Bored Leviathan game! I enjoyed this one, I thought the creepy kids following you was the best part of the game. I can't believe you woke me up in the middle of the night for this! It must have been my playthrough or I got lucky but I was hoping to have to handle both kids simultaneously somewhere in the house. It would really increase the tension even further. Thanks for making a great game! Its been fun watching you grow as a horror game developer.

you game is very scary i do like how you make a doll move like that

keep it up!

I've been waiting for another release from you and this one did not in any way disappoint me. The house was creepy, the atmosphere was perfect, the dolls and the boy/girl were terrifying. Definitely your creepiest release yet! Loved it! Can't wait for the next one! 

My gawd the girl and the boy scared me so bad smh!!!

This was phenomenal. The atmosphere is perfect, the pacing is perfect, the concept and execution are perfect. I was on the edge of my seat the second the dolls started following me. I absolutely loved the experience, and the quality of your games is always top tier. Fantastic work!

I loved the game. Such a great build up of tension and it kept me on edge a lot! My only criticism is the sound. Not enough of it happening to really push the tension. Overall I loved the experience and I am so pleased for you because this is a great title.

If your want to see my unique experience of the game then check out my upload :D

things that scare me

  • dolls
  • mannequins
  • creepy children in a horror setting

Overall, I enjoyed the game and it reminded me of RE7 for a moment.

This was great, as usual! Longer than I was expecting (although I'm bad at games and wandered around a lot) genuinely creepy, and just a fun time all around.

Definitely recommended!

This game is super fun , beautiful environment and Scary atmosphere. I hate dolls so I figured why not play a horror game about dolls? I did find a few little minor bugs but nothing serious. Invisible object when the little boy chases you  and also the little boy goes through tables sometimes . Sometimes  he doesn't stop right away when the light is on him.  Overall though this game is super fun!

I go to a house on my friends request, to a haunted house meant to be full of fun and a good night. but soon turns into a fight for survival as there are dolls in this house that are evil... There haunting me and now I am trapped. I am now trapped in a house and my friend is nowhere to be seen. Will I make it out??? Find out in this video...

This game is full of jump scares, spookiness and a really good storyline. Was a great short horror game with multiple endings...Loved it looking forward to more...

Well that was horrifying, you never fail to deliver man :)

This game is awesome! Scary atmosphere and the pacing is great! 

Thank you for the nightmares :')

Really amazing game!! The girl behind you in the hallway was really freaking creepy!

Such an amazing game, by far the scariest one that I've played in a while. Here's my game play:) 

This was creepy and well done! 

Full Play (No Commentary) Ending B

Mi experiencia en español!! Excelente suspenso, gran trabajo!!

I like your game, bui hope in the future you can take all your game >> make 1 set collection and sell it on Steam.@@ in my country, i can paid game on steam... here is not... T_T 

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Wow, seriously wow! That was such a terrifying yet incredible experience. Beautiful work dev! The game ran really well, no bugs, glitches and it was truly scary. One of the most intense horror games I have played. I am looking forward to playing your future games. I purchased the bundle and I am so excited to play all of them. Thank you!

I forgot to mention the cat pictures! Instant 5 stars ⭐

here is the game play... this game was horrifying 

HEY BORED LEVIATHAN!Long time no see eh! It's your number one fan ;););) you did one heck of a job with this game. HAD ME ON EDGE THE ENTIRE TIME. 11/10, would recommend. the game play

I loved how this wasn't a walking simulator filled with jumpscares - this game had puzzles, an effective spooky atmosphere, a simple story, and ghosts that actually chased you down! Played it on my livestream and downloaded it when it was free. Skip to 1:21:07 for this gameplay or look in the description for the chapters.

First off... I hate dolls.. Second, this game gave me the chills. But, I did really enjoy playing this game!

Excellent job! I had a lot of fun, the atmosphere was top notch and it had a good mix of variety and item hunting vs danger. Adding in two endings gave me an excuse to go back and replay it too, which is great since it was a tense and enjoyable time!


Everyone  at BoredLeviathan should be incredibly proud, some of the sequences in this game were absolutely TERRIFYING!!

I've played other games from you guys and you just keep getting better and better at creating such fun (horrifying) worlds for us to explore

Have not regretted one dime or one second supporting you guys, I'm so eager to see what's cookin in the background because the future is certainly bright. Keep up the great work

Love You Guys

Stay Safe and Stay Positive


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Really scary. I am super scared of dolls already plus the sound design and the atmosphere done by the dev was absolutely terrifying. I sucked at getting away from the girl and was too scared to do anything but would recommend to anyone who wants a good scare!


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Amazing game! I can't stop scream for every jump scares. graphic & music very good. thanks for provide indonesia language, i don't need to translate while playing hehe. I really love this game! Wish you enjoy my gameplay. :)

I never could make it to the basement after getting the basement key. I keep getting caught while upstairs, tried running, flash light on, flash light off, hiding in the back bedroom, just get caught around the stairs or before the stairs.

Really good game! I hate dolls and this game killed me

Thank you for Japanese support!

I bought all your previous works last time.

I will continue to support you.

The difficulty level of the puzzles was just right.

I was able to concentrate on the gameplay. Thanks for a fun and scary game.

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