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GOOD JUMP SCARES! The fear of being chased from behind was so well executed!!


Oh my lord this was scary

I like this game, :D thank for this game. But Some note paper very hard to @@ see, so i can't get all note paper all first gameplay. 

This game is absolutely terrifying in my opinion 10/10


Damn this is scary. Even when nothing is happening, it's scary. And i even made it scarier by running through the dark when the flashlight cut out instead of trying to turn it back on haha. Great game, dude! I love your style.

Can't download 

oh damn ..jumpscary fuuuu

Nice I like that. 4/5

That was insanely fun and scary!

Great game, so creepy hearing the tapping of feet following you.

I only got one ending, I will play again to find the other endings, how many ending in total are there?

Very good. My only critique is I wish there was more chucky style doll action. I felt like the mannequins and everything else was scarier than the dolls. Still, excellent game.


just want to say massive well done to dev this was so good i love every second the atmosphere the staring mechanic everything was terrifying came across i believe one bug but it will be easer to way the gameplay than me explain it, over all this was brilliant 5 stars! gameplay above if u enjoy be sure to hit that sub button guys! much love all!                             

Absolutely awesome game! Everything was well done to the graphics to the atmosphere and everything in between! Great job! Game here: 

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fun and very scary game, simple puzzles, 
scary atmosphere, need to survive, 
complete for horror games  
maybe you can add some spooky back sounds to add a sense of tension in playing this game  
but overall this game is cool

I wasn't ready for SUCH PURE TERROR in this game! Everything about a horror game that is good, this game NAILS IT! From the spooky atmosphere, to audio design, level design, enemies, it has it all (and it does it all SO WELL). Was HIGHLY impressed with this game! Glad I took the extra time to get the endings as well!

oh dang this was a nice game :D hope you enjoy the vid and the lil intro i made :D

Great game and super creepy atmosphere.

love the game thank you 

Very spooky game! I loved that the game didn't need to rely on jump scares to make the game scary.


This would be awesome in VR!


That was fun, just the pitta patta of tiny steps hunting me down, I died so many times trying to get away. I am surprised you really managed to make the children so haunting, and a real threat to the player. That snap of the next as they stare blankly at you, I swear you wouldn’t stand a chance, just run and pray to get out alive.

Easily this game is a hell of a lot better than the other ‘Dollhouse’ game I played. Simply the eeriness of the dolls combined with their staring at the player was so creepy.

Managed to get two endings and it was worth going back just to see the bad ending, all those dolls just, waiting for you.

Words can not simply describe what a masterpiece this game is! The best atmosphere by far! Loved it! Played it and gave it my honest review. Great to see you back Leviathan! Looking forward to the next masterpiece. Here is the review:


Please fix the camera movement stutter

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