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Mannequin House is a short 3D horror game.


You wake up in your room and then go downstair, oddly almost all the doors are locked. You decide to go back to your room but suddenly your room turns into a hallway with a floor lamp and a door inside it.

You open the door and realize you are stuck in a loop, but you are not stuck alone. Will you escape ?


W A S DMove


  • Encounter any bugs ? feel free to comments!
  • I'm still working with the footsteps
  • Sorry for my bad english



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Get this game and 2 more for $3.50 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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One of  my biggest fears put into a game lol!!! This really creeped me out. Was very good. 

I would love to buy the game, but unfortunately PayPal is banned in my country. Is it possible for the game to be bought with credit card instead?

Good job on this also! Once again for a single developer you are doing really well! I can now say I have played all your games and I am looking forward to any upcoming projects! 

Nice game

Really love this game! The atmosphere was very creepy and unsettling, and a nice break from jumpscares over and over. Amazing job! 

Fantastic! Not so much jumpscares but the atmosphere really made this hard to play because I felt like I was the character dealing with all these Mannequin's lol. I also did a let's play below; feel free to check it out. Have a great day! :)

Loved it ! Highly detailed well made game ! The fear level is at 100%. Never know what's going to happen around the next corner. Game here! 

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Was so fun and truly and deeply terrifying! The atmosphere of the whole game and the thickness of the darkness in the house somehow was instantly scary and apparent. The way it's so silent, and things subtly change with loud stuff here and there was pretty well done! (Video below if anyone wants to check it out!)

Only suggestions I have are that there were jump scare noises at random parts were nothing happened other than the sound itself and that the end and beginning of the game was not as scary as the parts where the mannequins were. 

At the start of the game; nothing happens at all other than looping through the house for a bit (Though it's still quite spooky) and the end was kind of underwhelm as it just suddenly/ randomly happens and nothing to wrap up the whole game. 

I also felt like there were times where scares might be more effective, like the bathroom. (I think it wasn't as scary for me because I kept checking it and got conditioned to something being there.)

Also I think that there might possibly have been a story under the sheets of the game that is told, but I didn't piece it together. That being said, it was undeniably spooky and terrified me,; it was a great game to play! So congrats on making yet another great game and good luck for the next one!

What a great addition to the Bored Leviathan collection. Love the atmosphere and quiet environment, really built up the tension and honestly, I scared myself most of the time because of the tension building.

Really enjoyed this game, I'm scared of mannequins in games and this just gave me such a frighten!!
great work! Keep it up :)

Here is my game play x

Very well done! It reminds me of P.T.! I have a fear of mannequins so I was terrified lol

Loop games are always so unsettling great work.


Looping hallways are not my favorite type of game because I am not fond of the amount of "randomness" it seems to take to activate the next event. That said, I did enjoy my playthrough of the game. I did not think it was super scary but, it did have a genuine creepy atmosphere. My favorite mannequin was probably the one that whizzed down the hallway because it jump-scared me. It is obvious the developer has put a lot of work into the game and it is worth checking out!

Awesome lil' horror game, thank you for making it!

As always, the pacing of this game really shines through. Everything unfolds in a believable way, and the game slowly becomes creepier as time goes on. Very well made! 

I really enjoyed this short horror game, the creepy atmosphere and the strangely scary mannequins that have you on the edge of your seat.

The jump scares got me 10/10 for this one mate, hope to see more from you.

This was an amazing game!! At first it was a bit slow but the end did not disappoint! Super scary! Loved it!

WOO! Great game. I loved the atmosphere and sounds. Great graphics too. And the mannequins were dummy thicc. 10/10

This was way more terrifying than I expected it to be...doesn't help that I played it around 3am! Great game from this dev as always!

Hermoso visualmente, muy buena iluminación, algo corto pero interesante.

I Played it!
Game can scare you in so many ways! Try it out!

check out my gameplay! great game and spooky! keep up the good work! 

Hi. Thanks for letting me play your game, I don't know if I've played it well, I liked it a lot, I want you to subscribe to my channel, greetings friend:Placebogames - YouTube

The heads up about this new release was Clutch! Hopped on right away!


Absolutely stunning, it felt like Hideo Kojima finally completed his silent hill.

Looking at me

Love the game, but could you possible add a graphics option?. The game lags with graphics like these on my computer

Nice job on this, dude! It's always exciting when you release a new game. It was definitely a creepy experience. I never knew what was gonna happen but I always expected the worst because of that spooky atmosphere. Thanks for the fun!

Hello, I played this game and I liked it, a cool spooky environmental P.T like game, good work :)

Another great game by BoredLeviathan! I think i had a glitch at the end but i loved it and it looks amazing as always!

This was creepy especially when the mannequin started walking towards you.

this game was nice and atmospheric, with no cheap jumpscares, i loved it!

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Good god, I hated this. This was so damn uncomfortable. The walking sounds behind you, the utter darkness and lack of actual suspension release keeps you on a constant edge! The graphics are of course very good, but most of all is the audio. The use of audio is really the star of this game. I really think this is a prime example of how audio can single handedly carry a horror game, and I think you really have to learn from this and capitalize on it in your future projects, whilst also using visual but subtle scares (like in the far background or at the edge of the screen). The story is rather lacking, and I would argue that there is no deeper meaning to be found, or at least not a specific one, however this is a game where no deep narrative is needed. 

You really have something going for you with your recent games, and I am very glad you those to continue developing games for us to play. Thank you! And keep up the good work!


Thanks for the game! It was very creepy at the beginning, but when it came to the part where you have to collect mannequin parts - it was a bit too hard to find them and it lost all the suspense... Good job, anyways.