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I'm about to stream this game... wish me luck! Mannequins scare meeeee - Scared_Cutie 

As an indie horror game, this is a really good one. The overall tone and creepiness was perfect, and the mannequins fit in excellently. They were used effectively. My only critique of the game would be that there are no brightness options as it is pretty dark. But, in general, a very good game that I'd recommend!

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Another super fun and scary game by Bored Leviathan.  The game gave me vibes of Visage in many areas, and along with that I got some Locked Up vibes.  The atmosphere was really good too.  In short, I really enjoyed this and recommend it to any Indie Horror fan.

Overall, I really enjoyed this game.  The atmosphere was fantastic.
I only have a few critiques here.  
1.  You used a great ambient background noise, but it doesnt loop seamlessly, so it eventually fades out and then immediately starts up again.
2.  Please include brightness adjustments and mouse sensitivity adjustments in future games.  There were parts of the game that, even with the flashlight, I literally couldn't see anything.
3.  Having some kind of a story, even a small one, would be nice.  Hearing the mannequin breathing and whimpering at the end was super creepy, but there was no explanation.
4.  Lastly, the design of the house was very odd.  It felt very tossed together and not like a real house

Outside of that, it was a lot of fun.  You are very talented and I hope you keep making games.

Really nice game! The atmosphere and concept of the game are super scary! I enjoyed playing it! Good Job (: 

It was very scary to see the house changing little by little in a loop.

I love the games you make!



this game is great , the horror vibes really go through my bone

I loved this game it was so fun had some good scares!

It`s scary game.

This game was my nightmares come to life, and I loved it. The atmosphere and the loops were amazing. Please play this, and please keep making games!

Wonder if this game is FREE?!


A totally amazing game!  Full game play playthrough!

If you haven't liked and subscribed yet, please consider doing so now!

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An amazing game and worth the purchase at the price above. Full gameplay playthrough above, if you enjoy the video, please like/sub and leave a comment to help with the algorithm. 

Built an incredible atmosphere, terrifying as hell. Amazing game, worth supporting small creators all day long.

Incase missed, I played it 7:11 in, brilliant game. I now hate mannequins. Check out my video

Nice game, some bug while walking, many steos hearing. HERE A COMPLETE WALKTROUGH

Good game dude!!! It was a great experience, I was tense the whole game, I hope I can play more of your games Keep it up.

Gameplay PT-BR

This uh....this scared the crap out of me...such a good job on the look, sounds, and the scares!

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Me and Juliana Played it, It's the third game in this video, I personally liked it, pretty spooky atmosphere, when the mannequins are right outside your door after the third of fourth runback, it made me jump, and its also really polished, definitely worth the 2 bucks lol thanks for making it

Best one yet! Can't wait to see what you release next! 

Tried out Mannequin House!

i liked this game alot

Gotta say I hated it in everyway possible (in a good way of course). I only p.t style games & this 1 was fun.

not a bad game ... but unfortunately not particularly scary! It's still worth taking a look!

Really well done game! Genuinely scared. I have one question. Is there multiple endings to the game? Good job! 

Played it at 7:13, amazing game, spooky as hell!

Awesome Game! My video cant compete with a Markiplier video buuuuttt I really enjoyed it! The ending did take me by surprise tho lol I wasnt expecting it. Great Job!!

Awesome game, look forward to more stuff from you guys.
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this scared me so bad! 

I Been Did It! lml

Such a GREAT atmosphere !

Your improvement is shown. thank you for the game 😊👇

~ Straycat ~

Markiplier played this game! You will definitely get the recognition you deserve from this!

another great game made by you, I love it so much and I want more just like it 

just saying you are a great game maker

I can't believe I convinced myself to play a MANNEQUIN GAME

I featured this game at 4:58! This game was a literal nightmare for me due to those mannequins! 

One of  my biggest fears put into a game lol!!! This really creeped me out. Was very good. 

I would love to buy the game, but unfortunately PayPal is banned in my country. Is it possible for the game to be bought with credit card instead?

Good job on this also! Once again for a single developer you are doing really well! I can now say I have played all your games and I am looking forward to any upcoming projects! 

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