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Nightmare Shift is a short 3D horror game.


You are alone in the office at night doing your work, feeling tired you decide to go to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. When you came back to your room, something strange happened to your computer.

Is it your co-worker messing with you? or is it something else messing with you?


W A S D Move
QStand Up (From Chair)


  • Encounter any bugs ? feel free to comments!
  • Sorry for my bad english
  • If your game feel slow, turn down the quality and turn off SSR



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Updated 15 days ago
AuthorBored Leviathan
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, First-Person, Ghosts, Horror, Short, Singleplayer, Spooky, Survival Horror, Unity
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Get this game and 2 more for $3.50 USD
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Nightmare Shift (Bored Leviathan).rar 323 MB

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Awesome game!!✌✌✌✌ 


Played this for my youtube channel and enjoyed it! As usual the visuals and atmosphere were awesome. I hope in the future you revisit this concept and make it longer! 

Replayed this after a few weeks and just want to reiterate that this was a great game and fun play through! I look forward to your next game! 

Fingers crossed that its soon! 

The arrows at the end were a little confusing since they doubled up sometimes. Otherwise this was a good spook sir. 

Your game starts at 4:20

Over all I really liked the game and it gave me a memorable scare at the end lol. The game ran without issues and I didn't come across any bugs. I would recommend this game if your looking for a fun and short indie adventure :) Here's a short video I put together for everyone, I hope you enjoy it enough to support the channel and subscribe :)

The creature has no AI in the room that the chairs move itself. she couldn't enter that room when i played

I literally love every game you make!!

Nightmare Shift was quite a bit of fun - if that's what you'd call it. I'm new to horror as a genre, and spent quite a bit of time petrified of what was going to happen and getting scared by both the unknown and the known. There are some aspects of the game that were done well and others I feel not so much.

The ambiance you captured did so much to make me feel uneasy. It felt like those times you were somewhere, like a school, after hours and while you're allowed to be there it feels somewhat off-putting still. At every point of the game I felt this uneasiness and what occurred only amplified it. I think quite a bit of this had to do with the lighting and I really wanted to commend this aspect of the game. For what it's worth there was a portion where I spent like 4 minutes too afraid to go down a hallway. You did really good here. 

The jump scares are well done and aren't overplayed. Something I often see in indie horror is the over-reliance on jump scares to be scary. The couple of ones you had were well timed and got me because I just was not expecting them. I was focused on other aspects that when they did occur they got me good, even if my reaction wasn't noticeable. 

Another part of the game I liked was that if you failed the location of the numbers changed. It meant I couldn't cheese the game, and made me continue to explore the office and be on edge. Though with continued repetition this falls off. 

The other side of that though is that the checkpoint is after you correctly input the code. If you fail prior to that you have to do everything that leads up to it. Which is kind of tedious. If you get to the point where you're "playing the game" I think a checkpoint should be placed there. This will speed the game up, but I think it's worth it because I accidentally misread the 7 in one of my codes as a 1 and failed a second time. 

I'm going to minorly hit on the flashlight as well. If you spin fast enough you outrun it. Realistically you won't, and I never did, but I think for realism or in another game you make where it might be more important: you probably should make it so you can't outrun it. 

Overall I think this game was well worth the $2 and if you're considering picking it up then I say: do it! Depending on how much you play horror games you may be able to complete it quicker than me, but whether it's 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes - I think it's worth it. My attached video has the moments I got scared timed, so if you're interested in seeing me get scared or interested in what scared me it's there for you. 


I really enjoyed this game, reminded me of One Late Night. And specially the fact that it randomly changed the numbers in each room each time you died, was a nice addition.

Anyway, I have too made a little video on it, maybe you might wanna check it out.

Lots of potential but having to start completely over when the monster gets you, turned me off from trying to escape in the end. Also maybe a bug when it says to follow arrows I did not see any. Other than that it was good.

I apologize for that, I think you play the old version of the game, I added a checkpoint and arrows in the latest update

I had a feeling that was the case, I apologize if I sounded harsh, starting over is a huge pet peeve of mine especially when I'm playing a game I like


Short and Sweet!!

One of the most enjoyable short horror games I've played yet. Really had a blast here. Check out the full video of my playthrough.

I loved the game the arrows had me all fucked up ngl but i got it  looking forward to more to come from you ^^

best among us clone ever

2 Dollars for like 10-15min and then having the most genereric Horror-Gameplay? Come on dude...

bro this game had me scared and confused lmfao. But it was actually a pretty solid game


Played this game LIVE! super fun really enjoyed it and would defiantly recommend it to other people 

Coffee Coffee but no this was pretty cool ngl I enjoyed it, what I did not enjoy was getting jump scare FOR  GETTING THE PASSWORD WRONG!! Great idea, hate that I didn't know regardless FUN.

This is a pretty dang good game! I do recommend, pretty short horror experience and it looks phenomenal! 

bored leviathan you did a phenomenal job i will take this L for today

I had a lot of fun playing this.  Couldn't figure it out at first but I took another look later on.  Really enjoyed it. 

Was this made by the same developer as the game "One Late Night"? I notice the games have a lot of similarities.



I could not finish it but the few jumpscares there were got me!

I dont regret money i paid for this game. Well made scary game


Great game! Really enjoyed it :)

awesome little game, would love to play your next one!

Nice game, I got scurred like 4 times.

i wish i was able to complete the game but i got a weak heart :')


This game is worth every dollar lol because it’s only 2 dollars lmao but any good job dev haven’t played a short horror game this good in a while 

Played your game recently and I liked how it reminded me of One Late Night and the scares were a little similar too lol. I couldn't crack the password but I still enjoyed the game for what it was.



I love the atmosphere in this game. I've never worked an office job but something about being alone in an office is super creepy. I had an awesome time exploring the office in the dark, I wish I didn't misunderstand the chase sequence lol. My biggest complaint is the length however. That really just means I want to play more though! More time in the office would've been incredible, thanks for making it! 


8.5/10! Once AGAIN Bored Leviathan comes through with a game that short, sweet, spooky, and to the point!
The numbers appearing has been buggy *doesn't always show up even when all the lights are off*. Overall, this is definitely a game you want to play if you want a short horror game to get your heart racing!


Very cool horror game Bored Leviathan. I never thought a plant would ever make me jump like I did when I played this one - LOL! Your games keep getting better and creepier - great job!

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