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played the game and it spooked me but just a little because I am a big man no cap.

Loved your game! I made a video on it and you should watch my reactions! I screamed so much that my back hurt at the end! Haha feel free to check it out here: 

Damn your game is so awesome bro. i love horror in office
Peace from indonesia

Definitely interesting. Enjoyed that game, but could of used more horror :)

Uploaded a video on it. 

Pretty well made game, and excited to see what you have to offer later in your game making career. I made a video if anyone would like to check it out. 

You actually got me with this XD. Hope you enjoy my reactions

Your game starts at 4:47

This is the third game I played in this video, this was a very well made game. I enjoyed it quite a lot can't wait to see what you will do in the future, you have  a lot of talent so keep doing awesome stuff!

Quite a short game but a nice game none the less, and very good for a first project! Not too scary though which is good for me XD

i loved the game! the only issue i had was the issue of not knowing what to do in the beginning.

Enjoyed Jumpscare I want more! ONLY GAME PLAY

Nice little game dashie also played it

great first game!! i made a video ab it, hope you enjoy!!

OH MY GOD!!!!! I Loved the game. Really nice jumpscares and the atmosphere just made it creepy. If you wanna see someone jump, I sure did in this one.

hello my creepy game enthusiasts! While I found this game confusing to start, I really enjoyed the atmosphere and loved the way it ended up playing out. Please check out my experience here! It is the second game in this video :)

This game is actually very, very, very creepy it scared the snot out of me. I fully enjoyed the game and it served its purpose which was to leave the player feeling uneasy. I got jumpscared more times than my pride will allow me to admit. If you are interested in my gameplay I will link it below.

 Applause to the developer except that the objective is unclear in the begenning. (Giving an objective and making it clear to the player, is vital for the game to be enjoyable) A cliche jumpscare game, yet it feels fresh with new scares. Classic environment and a creepy character design which is rare in indie games. Good work Bored Leviathan

I had fun with this! Took me a little while to figure out how to progress but I enjoyed the process! I like games like this that are purposely confusing and mess with my mind. Great game!

It was weird at the beginning but it got me pretty hard! Thank you for the game! Keep up the good work :) Here's my little playthrough (Polish language) Cheers! 

amazing short horror game i got spooked real well at that jumpscare in the middle of the game very nice for a first unity game good job :3

Great job for your first horror game! Keep going and work harder for the next one! Check out my video here:


really enjoyed this for your first game it’s really really good!! Please check out my play through below :) 

Nice atmosphere and build up! curious to see what you will do next.

Pretty good especially for a first game. The scares actually got me a few times and I enjoyed playing it for my channel.

Not bad for a first game. Did a good job with the jumpscares. In the beginning I would try to add some sort of drive or goal to get things moving. Just wandering around aimlessly takes away the fun. Keep at it and thanks for making the game!

very nice first game!! i made a vid ab it hope you can can enjoy it

i Did a video too. your the first one in the video. 

Made me jump when I saw the black figure you did well on this game man man congrats.

Holy crap man, for a first game.. THAT WAS AWESOME! I enjoyed every second of it, and had quite a scare on the jump scares. The second one caught me really off guard, and I am definitely looking forward to playing/enjoying/recording whatever your future projects end up being! Played it at 6:27 in my video.

THIS GAME WAS AWESOME!!! i AM SERIOUSLY LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR FUTURE WORK!!! Here is a video of the game play, Thank you so much for your time and best of luck to you!! 

Better then alot of pay to play games, nice job.

gonna play this on my channel , hopefully it will be funny :)

This was a pretty great first game. Good job!

Sorry but what the fuck. 

I think I was in the wrong mood when playing this... Maybe because it's the music lol... I had lots of fun. I think it maybe more horrorfying if we find where all the blood came from. 

I really enjoyed this and it was REALLY good considering it's your first game! The first look at the shadow people was really well done and it managed to keep the tension through the whole thing. Really well done!!

(This is the third game on the video)

Strange ships are disturbing

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