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Yeah, no. Never moving into a large house ever. Did not expect the music to cut out and a shadow mannequin to  be standing over it.  Really great experience from start to finish, and was super creepy and very ominous!

this game was crazy.i was confusion,suspenseful-ly scared and really panicking lol

I was never afraid of Mannequins until now !!! 

Really liked this! Much more compelling than I was expecting! Second game in the video! 

(start 4:48) Why would anyone be alone at the office?? just leave!?!

great job for it being your first game, very well done. Mwah <3

Pretty good game! Really enjoyed!

quite the scares too! ; )

The first scare, had gotten me so bad. Like it shouldn't have gotten me as bad as it did! The game is amazing and wish it was longer! Hope to see more from you soon :>


This one was really good, thoroughly enjoyed it!

just played this game, and I gotta say I wish it was longer!! 

Nice game. That first encounter got me pretty good. Hope to see more of your work in the future. 

just game surprised me, didn't think it would make me jump the way it did 🤣

I played this game in my latest episode of 'Quick Scares' on my YouTube Channel 😁 check it out! Video below 😊

hey oli!

Sup dude! 😁😃 fancy seeing you here 😂

good, not that scary though

The beat from the music is sick!!! awesome game!!!

O que outras pessoas estão dizendoalve, sou dsbbocatto terminado de jogar, gostamos muitos de jogo, reproduz um vídeo em nosso canal, sou desenvolvedor aprendendo ainda não tenho jogos, mas, pode ajudar e pode fechar nosso canal ...... parabéns espero que você continue nesse caminho abraços .... 


Not bad for a first game! I had some comments but otherwise, I look forward to more of your work! (First game in video)

Super fun game! Really enjoyed! Super good atmosphere too!!

Really enjoyed the concept of this game as I think we've all had those dreams that felt a little too real and make use feel uncomfortable the rest of the day lol This is the final game in the video!

Funny thing is I started this game not knowing anything, got stuck for a little then when the good stuff started happening, it got really really good. Much like all the other games, I wish it was longer, I want to know more, what are these people, WHAT IS GOING ON?, All very good things to have for a short horror game.

This game was honest to god Great! I was wondering why my music kept going out...

This game look pretty cool for a first, i think you can put more screamer, i have do a video on your game, just do more !

played the game and it spooked me but just a little because I am a big man no cap.

Loved your game! I made a video on it and you should watch my reactions! I screamed so much that my back hurt at the end! Haha feel free to check it out here: 

Damn your game is so awesome bro. i love horror in office
Peace from indonesia

Definitely interesting. Enjoyed that game, but could of used more horror :)

Uploaded a video on it. 

Pretty well made game, and excited to see what you have to offer later in your game making career. I made a video if anyone would like to check it out. 

You actually got me with this XD. Hope you enjoy my reactions

Your game starts at 4:47

This is the third game I played in this video, this was a very well made game. I enjoyed it quite a lot can't wait to see what you will do in the future, you have  a lot of talent so keep doing awesome stuff!

Quite a short game but a nice game none the less, and very good for a first project! Not too scary though which is good for me XD

i loved the game! the only issue i had was the issue of not knowing what to do in the beginning.

Enjoyed Jumpscare I want more! ONLY GAME PLAY

Nice little game dashie also played it

great first game!! i made a video ab it, hope you enjoy!!

OH MY GOD!!!!! I Loved the game. Really nice jumpscares and the atmosphere just made it creepy. If you wanna see someone jump, I sure did in this one.

hello my creepy game enthusiasts! While I found this game confusing to start, I really enjoyed the atmosphere and loved the way it ended up playing out. Please check out my experience here! It is the second game in this video :)

This game is actually very, very, very creepy it scared the snot out of me. I fully enjoyed the game and it served its purpose which was to leave the player feeling uneasy. I got jumpscared more times than my pride will allow me to admit. If you are interested in my gameplay I will link it below.

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