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Cleaning Service is a short 3D horror game.


You are a cleaning service.


W A S DMove


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I enjoyed the premise and the different tactics the creator employed. I will say the character has an amazing work ethic LOL Here is my playthrough of it and of 'That Dream' which is another game by Bored Leviathan. [CLEANING SERVICE STARTS AT 4:59]

I liked this a lot! Very scary. I questioned why I bothered continuing to clean while I was in peril but minor details LOL

I knew there was a reason I hated cleaning lol. Cool game, the monster was pretty scary.

Comments below clip;

Even though we enter a 2 story house, in the end, we've traversed a seemingly endless space. We go up. We go down. We go left, right and backward. Did I mention we're accompanied by some sort of humanoid monster that's out there to get us?

Personally, I'm not the kind of guy to do this kind of stuff in real life, but in this game, I have no choice, but to do what I have to do and run through all these chores.

Because of the presence of that thing, you get the urge to do your things ASAP, and get the fvck out of there.

On top of that, I got lost at times in space, because I ended up in places I didn't recognize at first. Plus, I had to think real hard to keep on going, do the right thing and stay out of the clutches of that thing.

As I m a sucker for detail, this is one of those games that tickles my satisfaction to play this game.

Be sure to give it a try.

I enjoyed this one quite a bit. Had fun even though a few things were silly it got me a few times :D

I really liked this! Good concept, creepy monster, and the execution was pretty great. Got PT vibes from parts of it, and it reminded me of some of the other games from this dev, which all have a good level of quality.

Definitely recommended, it was a fun way to kill half an hour :)

Worst Bathroom ever, nonetheless it wasnt the worst cleaning job I've been paid todo. 
P.S The Monster was Terrifyingggg

Good game! That was fun. 

Another well done and creepy game. Keep up the good work! 

gotta say, that off in the distance high pitched noise is a great touch and should be your "Oh, you can tell this is by BL" sort of ingredient.

Great idea and good lead into it! Took me by surprise and later had me running for my life! Thank you!

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3 Horror Games | Slendrina the Cellar, Cleaning Service, Cage-Face | please like and subscribe trying to reach 300 subscribers

I can definitely say I dont get paid enough to clean this mess. 

Spooky atmosphere. Spooky music. Great experience!

Don't worry I cleaned up everything 馃槀

Interesting concept! I like how all your games have a different concept keep up the good work!

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me cague :(                                                                                                     pero esta chido el juego

Hey dude good game, I liked the mechanics and the atmosphere, could have a jumpscare or something

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

Just clean bro, its your job.

yes, a game with cleaning 

Pretty good game, it spooked me a decent amount. I especially liked the ambiance. I played it for this video of mine; it's the first game shown.



The jumpscares really got me when they happened...

Excelente trabalho!

This game was intense! I love how eerie it is!

I really loved it! Nice game!! 

The game had a great atmosphere to it. Though, later on turned into me huffin and puffin with rage in the hallways... wasn't too sure what happened but... just see for yourself 

This was scary fun. Great game!
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I never liked housework anyways...Good game, creepy game...thanks, I hate it.



This was actually a really good game! The atmosphere was great and created tension, and although it was a bit clunky in places, it was definitely an enjoyable experience. I'm assuming a lot of the assets were free or cheap, including the monster. And, out of all of them, the monster was the only real problem. It just didn't fit with the atmosphere of the game, which built up a lot of creeping dread (my favorite type of horror). Using whatever assets are available to you is fine, as long as the story and the horror is there. The story could be fleshed out more, as it wasn't really clear what was happening.


Who was the monster? Does the house belong to him?? Do I get hazard pay for working there??? I feel like I should get hazard pay for cleaning an interdimensional demon house. I don't know, this game has really good bones, but the monster and maze chase seemed like they belonged to a different, far less enjoyable game.  Short horror games are good, because they don't let you get used to the scares, but when you see it kinda all hanging out like that it's not a mystery anymore. I think the monster needs to be seen less, heard more. When I was cleaning the upstairs rooms he was just kinda hanging out by the front door downstairs & I was like "Sir, are you lost?" LOL. That takes some of the scare out of him. The thing you don't know is always scarier than the thing you know well, so the less we see of the monster, the scarier it is. What I really enjoyed was how the house changed, with doors disappearing and reappearing, and the use of the cleaning mechanic with that was excellent as well.

Overall, a really good experience and I look forward to seeing more of your games! :)

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So scary
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A bit stupid if you ask me

Hey! Like many others I played the game and recorded it. I really liked this game. I was trying to figure out the entire time what might be going on and I liked the openness of the ending. That way all my ideas felt right! Good luck with your future projects :) 

great game glad i was able to play it! 

Very well made game, I enjoyed my time playing this.

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