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Cleaning Service is a short 3D horror game.


You are a cleaning service.


W A S DMove


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One of the most horrific short games i have played in a while , 

Here is my video of it, Enjoy :)


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Another BoredLeviathan game! This one was good. The ambience and the creepy feeling you get from all the silence, anxiety from light switches, not knowing if it's a switch or a monster. I enjoyed playing it. I featured it in a playthrough (Game starts at 5:42) Please check out my channel: VladMan, Thank you!!!

Another good game by Bored Leviathan! Very silly and made me laugh even thought I probably shouldn't have! Come check out my video on it and consider subscribing!

I really like how you let us get a sense of our surroundings at first  and then have things start to get weird with the locked door opening by itself and then being put in that weird corridor room and one  thing I think could be done to make it better is just maybe some background noise to get more of the atmosphere but i really enjoyed playing this game.


Never have I seen such dedication from a cleaning service! Through thick and thin, murder and demons, light and dark, this maid will not be stopped when it comes to cleaning their clients house. Got a lock door that you clearly want no one in? Fuck that we will clean it! Got a dimensional gateway leading to demon infested hallways? We will clean the shit out of it!

A pretty straightforward game about cleaning up, what I assume, is a murder scene while trying to find the lights and avoid a demon. I really do believe this game could have been improved with some ambient lighting, maybe a bit of moonlight coming through the windows. But all in all it was a fun short game.

Game is soo good :D

I love the gameplay 

The only thing that i hated was the lack of light in the living room. Just went through it and got good comments on the video.

I loved this game!! It has great potential for more!! Very scary and unlike other games does it's part of the horror jumpscare! I had a hard time trying to get pass the end but was so worth it! I didn't know cleaning would be this terrifying?? The gameplay audio was really low so I just added background music to my video but thats it. It's really creepy without it anyway! Have a great day! Thank you for this awesome game!! :)

I played your game on stream. I thought it was a lot of fun, and it was the first horror game I ever played live! I loved how the game neglected to respect the fact that the monster existed the first time you appeared, making the danger feel more real. I also loved how the gameplay actually required proper handling, unlike many games on this website. Thanks for making it! 7/10!

este juego es una pasada en todo momento puedes sentir que algo te va a asustar

Great game. Short and sweet, but very well executed! 

it was good it had me scared of how dark it was but i lost track of what i was doing!

3 scary games enjoy

Thank you so much for making this game! I was anxious all the time while playing it, expecting the jumpscare and I think this improved my gameplay x100 to be honest, my heart was racing so fast at the end that I could barely breathe. I would rather go through this every time I clean my house (and have it automatically cleaned) than to do it myself and spend hours cleaning.  

Creepy, graphics are beautiful!

I knew cleaning crew wasn't a good career pasthma for me lol Great game! It's the first one in the video! 

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Really unsettling, and gave me a Layers of Fear vibe. I couldn't believe that the monster didn't want a hug.

It was the second game I played in this video.

Hi everyone, first of all, nice game, i tried to pass it but its kind of hard :p, i am a spanish youtuber, and i made a gameplay of the game :D 

Apparently I sing and ramble when I get scared. You would think that just a simple cleaning service job wouldn't do that but here we are!

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Deleted 8 days ago

Interesting game, didn't realize the cleaning service company hired another employee besides me lol. Overall was a short game, but i enjoyed giving my commentary and playing it! 

Good job with the game although I wish I didn’t turn back as the monster was right there lmao

Hope you enjoy the video

Watch me laugh in the face of danger HAHAHAH...HA.... *cries*

Great job, Bored Leviathan. Especially the climactic part. That first jumpscare was pretty good too. I was reminded of Layers of Fear? Was that an inspiration. Thoughts at the end of the video.

I made a video (in french). I can't really finish the game cause the keybord is QWERTY, and I play AZERTY, [SPOIL] so I can't run to escape the monster [/SPOIL]
But really cool experience, fast and intense ! 

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Played this game in my livestream today and well.. it was one creepy experience to say the least! I love how the game built up tension, lots of darkness to keep the mind racing and forming shapes which might not even be there! MY favourite part was defiantly the maze race; lots of fast anxiety-inducing decisions to make in a very short space of time whilst being chased by a huge, ketchup-flinging monster. 

The biggest thing i would say it was lacking was a backstory. Maybe throwing in some subtle items and sounds hinting at the source of the monster/owners of the house would be a good addition. Either way, i had great fun! Thanks for creating this experience!

Here's a link to the stream if anyone is interested :)

I was literally saying "I was paid to clean this messy house you monster, you don't like it? I don't care, I'm cleaning anyway. Now please stop running towards the walls while carrying the ketchup bottle, would ya?

really enjoyed this please check out my play through below 

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