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loved the game! keep it up

Very good scary game. Not really any jumpscares but the atmosphere gives you chills like crazy. Loved it

Enjoyed ypur short horror game. The maze section got me a few times, but overall nice experience.

Despite losing multiple times, I enjoyed myself. Cleaning Service reminds me of those old school PC horror indies that centers around a fairly simple concept: RUN!!


i love it mate

check my simple game too please


good game

Great game! It was short an spooky the way I like it, I added it to this compilation video!

This was a great short game! The atmosphere really kept me on edge and the monster was very well done! Keep up the good work! :)

Well when i took this job i was expecting to get paid not die!

I really liked how clean the graphics were. I just think you could have made the jumpscares alittle more scary

I really like the survival aspect to this game and the monster isn't OP. The player model for the monster is TERRIFYING as well. Good work keep it up!

You've got a real knack for atmosphere with your horror games, I love it! This was SO creepy and SO dark!! Nicely done!

it was great! it'sa short and fun horror game.

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This game got me really good, The scares are amplified because you couldn't see the monster and you dont know where hes going to turn up 😂

Its the 2nd one of 2 games that I played. Its starts @3:34 if you guys wanna skip right to it

This game is great! after encountering the monster in the hallway, kinda made me scared, because it was dark, and couldn't find him at all lol,

overall, I would rate it 7/10.

I added it to my 3 scary games I hope you enjoy it 😁

I'm DYING laughing playing this game

I'm DYING laughing while playing this game:

Came from your other game, cool games!



This was great! The game feels very polished. Definitely brings the creep factor way up halfway through. Also got a couple hearty manly screams of terror out of me! I enjoyed this! 

Fan of your last game, this was good but I had a hard to seeing much in the darkness. First game I played in the video! 

I had a great time reviewing your game!!

After going on a 10-minute journey through the horror infested lifestyle that this cleaner leads I can safely say that you have a functioning product. Minus a strange choice of words in the control screen "Shift: Walk Faster" and a few animation bugs revolving around the monsters walk cycle, you've done a really fantastic job. 

The music and atmosphere wasn't anything too spectacular but was serviceable for the story. All in all, I'd say for your next game try and challenge yourself a bit more, you've shown plenty of potential and I think you could move beyond just horror mazes with jumpscares in-between.

For slightly more in-depth ramblings watch the video.

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wow this game really scares me out when the monster comes suddenly in the house. i like the idea of that hidden room. you are a cool game dev

I think its just rude to leave a monster for the cleaning maid.

Your game is the second part of the clip. I had fun time cleaning up blood and escaping. I would add some more creepy noises around the monster to build up suspense. Overall, props for making a fun short horror game.

For a short horror game, this was pretty fun. I didn't expect to be as spooked as I got, but I ended up really enjoying the jumpscares and the short chase from the monster. Good job, dev, I'm excited to see what you do in the future.

my playthrough starts at 46:34

I liked it, it's a weird experiencefor sure and I like to click on light button


I have encountered many bugs and they wont stop biting me.


okay very epic. big PP

I enjoyed the mystery behind cleaning blood off the walls until your conscience or the demon comes after you. At least that's what I though about it.

Very good game.

I hope the pay was good XD

That Dream was amazing and this game is just as good. 10 out of 10 in my book. I look forward to your next game. I did a playthrough of this game on my channel and I will link it below if you are interested in watching.

Cool Game 5/5


I am out of the cleaning business after this ! :D

Great job !

It was hard keeping myself from screaming :S

This is pretty cool. I couldn't get past the monster but I still had fun. Thanks!

Changing the flashlight with a candle... great horror game!

Scary game, keep up the good work!

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