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The jumpscares really got me when they happened...


Excelente trabalho!

This game was intense! I love how eerie it is!

I really loved it! Nice game!! 

The game had a great atmosphere to it. Though, later on turned into me huffin and puffin with rage in the hallways... wasn't too sure what happened but... just see for yourself 

This was scary fun. Great game!
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I never liked housework anyways...Good game, creepy game...thanks, I hate it.



This was actually a really good game! The atmosphere was great and created tension, and although it was a bit clunky in places, it was definitely an enjoyable experience. I'm assuming a lot of the assets were free or cheap, including the monster. And, out of all of them, the monster was the only real problem. It just didn't fit with the atmosphere of the game, which built up a lot of creeping dread (my favorite type of horror). Using whatever assets are available to you is fine, as long as the story and the horror is there. The story could be fleshed out more, as it wasn't really clear what was happening.


Who was the monster? Does the house belong to him?? Do I get hazard pay for working there??? I feel like I should get hazard pay for cleaning an interdimensional demon house. I don't know, this game has really good bones, but the monster and maze chase seemed like they belonged to a different, far less enjoyable game.  Short horror games are good, because they don't let you get used to the scares, but when you see it kinda all hanging out like that it's not a mystery anymore. I think the monster needs to be seen less, heard more. When I was cleaning the upstairs rooms he was just kinda hanging out by the front door downstairs & I was like "Sir, are you lost?" LOL. That takes some of the scare out of him. The thing you don't know is always scarier than the thing you know well, so the less we see of the monster, the scarier it is. What I really enjoyed was how the house changed, with doors disappearing and reappearing, and the use of the cleaning mechanic with that was excellent as well.

Overall, a really good experience and I look forward to seeing more of your games! :)

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So scary
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A bit stupid if you ask me

Hey! Like many others I played the game and recorded it. I really liked this game. I was trying to figure out the entire time what might be going on and I liked the openness of the ending. That way all my ideas felt right! Good luck with your future projects :) 

great game glad i was able to play it! 

Very well made game, I enjoyed my time playing this.

Extremely scary and immersive. We loved this one! Bored Leviathan is awesome! Can't wait for more 

Nice game

Nice scary atmosphere. It was really dark cant see much thing which aim for the red light in the room until got the candle in next stage

The atmosphere was scary, but the monster... not so much. I did have a big jumpscare because I scream at everything.

Skip the intro and get straight to the game at 00:56

The scary atmosphere was definitely there. For a short horror game, it was done well, physics were good, straight forward, I was never confused. What I think could make it better if you added a scream to the monster when it's chasing you at the near end to kinda get you nervous as you're running away. But overall, it was good :)

An interesting game that has good sounds and music that produce an eerie feel throughout the playthrough, the monster sadly was not that scary but it probably will frighten others.

Overall it was enjoyable to play and made for an interesting short experience.

Enjoyable little game to play and dashie also played it at around 11:43 into the video also follow him on Twitter if you want @dashiexp 

I peed myself you little piece of sh

This game is very good I really liked It The concept graphics everything about this game. I like the way the guy is chasing you at the end that is always scary for me. You should play it.

played it i liked the game just a bit silent at times

simple short and with a great atmosphere it doesnt overstay its welcome and keeps things lowkey i love it alot

Kinda repetitive and could be better and scarier.

Game starts @2:10

Here is a gameplay of the game, wrote my thoughts in the description.

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Hi guys. Here's my playthrough of your game. I enjoyed the idea behind the game, but I must admit I found it incredibly dark. Almost too dark to play even after trying to boost brightness settings and things. I feel like it could be a lot more scary if you were able to see more. I know that sounds contradictory to horror in general, but if you can't see anything it makes it more frustrating than scary.

The monster was effectively creepy with his giant Resident Evil hand and unshaven leg. :D I think it was shown a little too early on though. Seeing it in full in the light took away the unknown scare factor. The picture was very unsettling though.

One thing I must ask though... After I finished, and it said I was to leave, I went back to the bathroom and the blood splat was on the wall again. Was that a bug, or indication of something more sinister? (this is shown in my video)

Nice little horror experience though guys, thanks for uploading it.

todas is day for creepy games i guess, and yours was super creepy, cheers mate

Fun little game that produced a great horror atmosphere. Thanks for the experience.

Gave it a go...

I had fun playing this game.

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