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I had some fun playing your game in this stream - keep it up! Cant wait to see your next one ;)

scariest game i played in a while

clean the house of monsters

Didn't expect the chase, absolutely loved it! Keep up the great work! 

Great Game! LOVED it! That monster was freaky as FOOK!


Good job


boring game

factually incorrect

Echt nice und intensiv ich liebe kurz Indie Horror meine Community feiert das Game auch


Made me tear up, got me good.

This was a really creepy game keep up the good work and i hope that you enjoy the gameplay

Today I checked this game out. Challenging towards the end, that I will have to make a complete playthrough of this game soon. Fun game overall, spooky in places. Worth the play!

Una idea interesante, aunque hubiera preferido que el monstruo fuera una mayor amenaza, pero no negare que la parte final si me asusto un poco

Great concept. Would love to see more about the monster baddie 

Great game the music kept the whole experience really eerie. Keep up the good work.


An amazing game to play through. A little confusing to us at first but overall an amazing game. 


Gameplay starts at 0:00

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Great game, the maze part had me on the edge of my seat but I'm glad I found it!

I'm new to YouTube and it would help a lot if you leave a like or subscribe if you like the content, also you can request a game by leaving a comment!


nice game

não consigo abrir o jogo..

this game was pretty cool, very creepy house and scary creature 

Loved the maze element in this game. Didnt expect it to make me jump as bad as it did at times, lol

I spent a good majority of the game thinking it might not be a horror game. I was humbled quickly haha.

I love the eerie atmosphere of this game!
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I loved the design of the monster and the atmosphere is great! Good Game 👍🎮 Game Complete Here (NO DEATHS, No Commentary) y con Subtítulos en Español no olvides activarlos primero.


Great quick and atmospheric game! Great job!

Almost shit myself at some points

so good at cleaning im like mr clean

great game f

Great Game


Great game :) I enjoyed playing it. Happy New Year to you! 

Nice little game

Nice game!

Mantap Gamenya, lanjutkan..... :)

this was not house flipper!

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