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This was one of the best horror games I have played in a while, with an amazing atmosphere! Well done!

Loved it! Gave me a good spoop when the baddie started to give chase to me haha, nice twist in the end as well =D Leaving a follow and keep up the great work!

Really had fun playing your game along with 2 other great games, thank you so much for such a fun game! 

Delirious is packed with tropes and horror cliches, almost to the point that it is unidentifiable from the rest of the indie horror game schlock. There’s not much point in individually listing problems as the game has been made before and remade a dozen times over. Bored Leviathan as a developer has created much more exciting and enjoyable games. I hope that you will refocus your efforts on what makes your games quirky and different, rather than just slip into the generic horror game mold of running down pitch-black hallways and forcing off-brand PT clones at the player. But in the grand scheme of things, Delirious is inoffensive, so inoffensive that it’s difficult to even comment on anything in a way that hasn’t been done a million times over. /End cynical rant. Leviathan, don’t dwell on this one; leave it as it is, and focus on creating projects that you enjoy, not just cutting and pasting random assets together with a “your character is mentally unstable storyline.” Keep up the good work, mate. For what it’s worth, my review is below. 

I’m glad It was all in my head 😂 starts at 07:00

Great game!

This was a really well made game with a few cool creative mechanics, great job!

Pretty cool. Nice twist that I did not expect.

here is me playing my first game for my gaming channel. upcoming gamer so please be kind lol :) over all, pretty scary game with the jump scares. sound quality isnt the best but i am learning so please bare with me :D thank you! 



Oh man I missed you guys, another stunning game, a bit short and not as good as your previous ones, but I love the japanese aesthetics and interior design. Look forward to more of your games in the near future.

Tried out your game...


Created by Jaboblu

Didn't think I see Jason! An amazing twist at the end.

I've really enjoyed your previous games so I was excited to see a new one pop up. I'm glad this one had a different result than what I was expecting. Great work as always!

This game had its moments! GOOD MOMENTS!

can someone pleas tell me how to get used to horror games like this cuz im not good at handling this stuff but alot of games i want to play are horror.

The point of horrors games is to scare you.

well duh but im a sissy

Was not expecting Jason to be here!

Good game!

Nice game

really didnt want to kill him butt 

Very epic scary game and nice and short too.

Loved the game and had a lot of fun playing it.

Thanx for making this buddy, appericate it.

my gameplay.. i just got delirious by this

Game is Amazing! Could you add graphics adjustment? As some players will have lag experience when they'll play on low end pc & gaming without charging. Rest I'm liking the game. An intro will be best to beginners.


Solid experience as usual! I'd suggest adding a settings option to adjust sound, mouse sensitivity and anything else that would work. It's definitely not necessary but I feel like it would make the experience more specific for the player. Either way, can't wait for what you make next!

Friday the 13th!

Surprising antagonist... I like it. I should’ve guessed, but didn’t. I really enjoyed this. I wish it were a bit longer, but I liked the simple premise and it was well-paced with a nice twist ending. 

enjoyed the game 

i like how you have to interact with the lamp  to open another part of the game 

Hope the game was longer ....

I played the game and enjoyed it a lot! 

Hi! Thanks for making this game
I made you a video!

This was the first game in my video. I really liked this game. I always love it when you can tell a complete story in such a short time. The game ran fine and I didn't run into any bugs. I would recommend this game for a short horror experience

This was awesome. Great setting, atmosphere, and twist. 

Really enjoyed the little nods in this one. Had a blast with it. Give it a look if anyone is curious bout trying it out.

I want to lower my graphics because its laggy but guess what. I cant Please add Graphic Setting.

Dude, good game! I need more of these! I really like games with a twist at the end like this one. Keep up the good work friend.

I've played a couple of you're games before and I really enjoy playing them. I feel like this one could is a great concept and honestly could be expanded into a much larger game if you were able to get licenses from the movie studios. There were some technical issues, biggest just being the machete floating at the end (you can see in the video), but overall a great experience!

Hey, I included your game in my latest Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 9:27! Hope you enjoy the video if you decide to check it out! Cheers!

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