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Interesting little game!

Japanese Folklore is terrifying...I dreaded every second I played this horrific game.

that's what you wanted isn't it? monster.

We had a lot of fun playing through this one.

Thanks for the experience!

Not bad for a short horror. I did get a lot of laughs from Meiri-san and I'm not sure I was supposed to find he/her/it as funny as I did. Lots of... toilet humor :D

Show post...


It's a fascinating game and always great to see more from you.

My main critique would be on the layout of the house. It feels a bit awkward at times and especially so during the latter chase due to the dead ends that can leave the player just waiting for death. It breaks tension as opposed to being able to keep running anxiously and trying to find an exit.
Love the game though.

Very creepy game.

Was a really good horror game! It literally had me sweating and at the edge of my seat, especially the last chase towards the lamp post. I would say the game is pretty much perfect except for two things; 

One is that the first jumpscare of the glitch monster is that he doesn't chase you or do anything other than just appear. I might have played an un updated version, but he just stands there until you pass him by. Maybe make him  chase you into the other street and then make your way home. 

The other thing would be the very last jumpscare of Mieri san; she was never used a lot before other than the painting. My suggestion would be to instead of the glitch monster, replace it with Mieri san herself and the ending would seem wholesome.

Other than those two, I think the game was amazing! You've learnt from your previous games and made another one that is better than the last! The glitch effect was great, the ambience and environment was absolutely spot on and the small spooks with the objects in the house was great! The depth you went to make the brother's and the players room was also great and the small jumpscares of Mieri san inside the house had great build ups and was very spooky.

All in all, a really great game!

Enjoyed the game a lot! HOWEVER, my only complaint is the house. It feels way too bland and just down-right awkward. Especially the placement of the toilet being in a different room from the sink. And the sink being in a different room than the bathtub. And is that a washer without a dryer? It feels a bit unnatural and not much like a home. Besides that, the rest of the atmosphere is good and the story-line is scary and interesting! 

yeah this game is def scary lol 

Gave it a go...

It was a bit weird to not have a flashlight at the beginning of the game and the house was a bit too big and had a strange layout, but it had really good scares and a great atmosphere and I really did enjoy playing your game!



Thanks for making this game Bored Leviathan, it´s great to see you are still making horror games. I enjoyed the Japanese folklore behind the game, great to see you took inspiration from a calm-looking anime to create such scary game, as always the chasing scenes always gets to me, who knew Mieri-san would be so terrifying. The house design and the surroundings was spectacular, nice touch adding a conveni store.

Enjoyed the game pretty much. Well done! Story wise also well elaborated.


I was talking crap early on in the game saying, "I don't think there's a sense of 'threat' to really worry about", hahaha boy was I wrong! The feel and pacing of the game was delicious, very spicy. I had an awesome experience. My suggestion: when you're running down the alley with that beast right on your heels, the ability to look behind you while running (like in Dying Light) would've enhanced the spooks during that sequence! But the snarls alone were still enough to keep me spooked!

Great work!

Atmosphere was incredible! the positioning of the house left me feeling unsettled and concerned. I look forward to playing more titles from you!

Really good game. Scary without to many jumpscares, nice job

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Un juego muy bueno (perdón por comentar en español) tiene muy buenos sustos y tiene ese efecto de liga cuando te van a dar un susto, algunas veces son predecibles y otras te llegan de la nada, por ejemplo cuando crees que solo está mieri san ahí te aparece otro fantasma más, me gustaría que ampliasen un poco mas la historia ya que se dejaron huecos por ahí.
dejo un walkthrough por aquí 

A massive improvement over both your previous titles. While not entirely anything unique, I encountered no issues while playing. A good rule of thumb is to avoid letting the player look at the monster’s model for too long, the devil you know versus the devil you don't.

For a more thorough analysis and sarcastic cynicism, might I suggest a gander at

Someone Needs to teach this Mans how to treat a man!

good game

I dug it! Thought the chase toward the end was pretty frustrating and needed a little more direction but the scares got me and the atmosphere you created was genuinely creepy.

(the video will be available in 6 hours) I played this game and let me tell you it's really good, I don't really get affected by jump scares but this game got me twice, If this is based on the mary san japanese urban legend then, awesome, if thats so I'd love if they did hanako san of the toiket for the next game, I like the mary san legend but hanako is my favorite, or another good one would be aka manto, so i look forward to what games they make in the future 

Bored Leviathan back at it again for another horror experience! I'm really starting to like your games and I really loved the aesthetic of this one. I did find a glaring bug so please make sure to check the video out below and consider subscribing!

Game was pretty scary. Enjoyed the story and the direction it took. Enjoy my playthrough here 

This game didnt need to be this scary lol...btw i think i found a glitch on day 3 when looking for the key I clicked on the fridge and it told me to go to sleep but when i went to bed nothing happened and i think i got soft locked. I cut it out of my video but just letting you know

This was the first game of my video, and I actually really enjoyed the majority of it. Good job :)

Loved the design, the chase was perfect but a bit confusing at first, and some of the jumpscares really got to me. Awesome game!


Great ambience

Great game you made here. very scary and creepy and made me feel weary of my surroundings both in the game and in real life. Though the first parts of the game before the flashlight was provided were too dark for me, i got lost upstairs for a few moments.

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