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Super jeu, j'ai adoré les graphismes, l'histoire et l'ambiance! // Great game, I loved the graphics, the story and the atmosphere! // 

Great Game! Freaky Ass Monster! Just got confused at that one part Enjoy the Video!


i did badly. 

This game was fun, but way to dark. I actually added some light in editing so viewers weren't looking at a dark screen most of the video. Sorry for my terrible way of saying the name. I had no idea how to say it. Overall it was a very fun game.

With all the running I did in this game because I was so scared, I am sure I can run a marathon now. Had my heart pumping and wasn't expecting the scares in it. Had a lot of fun playing~

Pretty enjoyable game, although most of the jumpscares were expected. Overall had fun playing it :)

Jogo muito bom, dá pra tomar sustos e evitar consultas médicas futuras kkkk

Good game! Really enjoyed playing this. Don't know how to pronounce it's name though.. 

Great game got me good a couple times

I found the game really good and had a blast in it. I also like how you make Mieri behave the same as they were introduced in the manga. Nice attention to detail.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

I've played a few games from you now, fair to say horror games are definitely your thing. I really enjoyed this one, the chase sequences were really well done and super intense !

I made a video on your game if you're interested :)

:D thank for game ! I die too much to find the way to go !

Great job on this one! A little bit of roughness around the edges but a creepy atmosphere and an interesting setup that felt close to home. I can see the lessons you've learned from it in future games too. Happy to have played this one!

Really enjoyed playing mieri-san 

I do have a suggestion though

I would love to see a hidden easter egg ending of finding and giving back the Yōkai names.  That is If you come back to working/expanding on this game, or if you make any more games with inspiration from Natsume yuujinchou.

Scary But Really Good plz make more games like this

Awesome game!  Looking forward to more from this Developer!

I'm not familiar with the inspiration behind this, but I did think the game was really cool! My playthrough is the second in this video (the first is Delirious, which is another game by Bored Leviathan)

Hallöchen mein Lieber, ich mal wieder. Ein sehr tolles Spiel hast du da mal wieder gebastelt, hat mir gut gefallen! Von mir bekommst du 4 von 5 Sternen :D 

Short but great game. I had a scary thrilling time playing it.

Very creepy, loved it! 

Very nice as always, bro. Thanks for sharing the game with us!

I made this video ages ago

Hey there! This game really made me jump! It's an amazing indie horror game, and I really enjoy your games! The first one I played was Nightmare Shift, and seeing you make games like these are amazing! I am looking forward to playing more of your games~

This is an awesome game! Atmosphere and graphics are well made. Full game here: 

Subscribe please!

Hey :) I made a top 10 free horror game list and this game made it at the 8th spot !

Very spooky game

You saw a black shadow under the street lamp. Enaught im out:D nono itsprety nice game. Good work.

Once again another good short horror game that you have created. Good Job!!

so much fun!!!!!


Esse jogo é muito bom!

Outro brazuka!!! Cara, já vou me inscrever no seu canal, brother! Legal!

muito obrigado, tmj

Estamos nessa grande! Não há de quê. Mereces, grande!

Muito obrigado Mr_Haase tmj


I think this game is really interesting, It's actually really scary and I had a little fun towards the end. Here's my little gameplay of the game. 


Interesting little game!

Japanese Folklore is terrifying...I dreaded every second I played this horrific game.

that's what you wanted isn't it? monster.

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