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Great experience, was hoping that the ending was a bit more polished. Overall nice experience though!

Like the dark surrounding do bring the scare feel and the jump scare really get me hahaha

Been loving the games that you've been making at the moment keep it up 😀

I played the game and thoroughly enjoyed it. I haven't had much experience in horror but from what I've played. It's a great game and had a great feeling around it when exploring, the way the sounds work with the settings gave me goosebumps

ps. Facecam broke before recording so I lost footage of me getting scared. Sorry

Gameplay BR

good game, very tense, keep up the good work.

-Draw to brighten the day 😁

-Sorteio para alegrar o dia.

This is really fun and scary!!! I in enjoy this so much and sometime I hate the cheap jumpscares too! BTW NICE GAME.

Another good horrror game from bored leviathan. Always look forward to your games. 

The game was pretty good and scared me quite a few times. I did find the exploration part at the beginning a bit slow and was confused on where to go during Day 3 though. Besides that it was a great game.

This game is scary well done. This is the scariest game I have played so far in 2020. Well made and great gameplay too. You got talent and you should keep at it. I would like some more on this story though as I want to know what is haunting the main protag and why. overall great game and keep on creating. 

Really great job on this game, the scares got me a couple of times and the atmosphere was really well done! Took me a minute to find out how to escape, but that's more on my end. XD I wish I could give my opinion on what to add/change but I think you hit the mark pretty well on this one! Keep up the great work! 

I absolutely loved this! Truly terrifying antagonist, seriously creepy atmosphere, and fantastic pacing. What more can you ask for in a horror game? This was an amazing experience! 

This is one of the best games I've ever played! I made a video on it and it was terrifying. I was also really impressed with how big the game was and how interactive it was. Keep up the good work!

Just played this game! So spooky and creepy! I love it! Great job! 

I Had A Blast With The 20-30 Minutes I Had With This Game, Good Scary Fun. Totally Recommend It


Played this game and it was not to bad a little creepy, your game had a cool style to it, thanks :)


Man, I didn't even realize you made Cleaning Service. The improvement is obvious, too, this was a pretty fun horror game. The story's pretty interesting, and I'm still curious about some stuff regarding Mieri-san and the player's brother. But yeah, great job! Loved it.


Holy shit man... scary stuff

nice game :D <3

Okay, so I wanted to do three horror games and review them tonight (it's 11:38pm) and didn't get the chance to do the others because I had to finish reading a textbook for college. (College life!) lol 

Anyways, when the game opened up I looked around trying to figure where I was until I walked further into the game. The beginning didn't make sense at first so I continued playing. The jumpscares made me jump a bit which is a good thing! Some of them caught me off guard and others I was prepared for.  The details were nice along with the sounds, the atmosphere, and lighting. 

I got stuck in a couple spots and looked up someone else's attempt (mob chanting: CHEATER!!!). Guilty as charged. I never should have memorized the layout due to the changes. Most of the time I was thinking "Jumpscare jumpscare jumpscare...." during the times where no jumpscare would appear. 

Long story short! The beginning makes sense once you beat the game. I loved it! Great work overall dev!

I was super impressed with this game, I got a lot more than I was expecting tbh. kinda scared me a few times especially the chase part!! 😂 

Fight evil spirits

Well done on this!

I didn't have fun playing because I was too scared, which is always good for a horror game. I did enjoy the experience though so thank you.

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 😉

Interesting game. Solid monster and jumpscares in the game. At first the monster did not do anything which I thought was a little comical, like just standing there in the street doing nothing. If he was behind the wall and you had his head watch you as you walk by, it would make him creepier. Story wise, I don't know who Mieri-San is or why I am being attacked by him/her. I had fun overall and I hope to see more from you in the future.

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Pros and cons are down below) Check out the gameplay here:


1. The plot is amazing! I absolutely love it!

2. The ambiance is potent! I was genuinely on edge the whole time! Some of the scares was anticipated. of course, but that didn't make the game any less scary!

3. The sound design is very good! I think in order to create a good horror game, one must pay extra attention at sounds! This task here is very well done!


1. I think the game lacked details. I believe, some more scares which could be missed will greatly improve the experience! For example, the corridor from which the player can look outside is promising but there were no scares at all. Also, it would be cool to see the lady in white from the window. Missable subtle scares are the greatest kind of scares!

2. The fact that the monster stays in the same place after scaring you makes they seem less menacing! Maybe it would be cool to animate the disappearance of the monster or to make them just vanish?

3. Sometimes when the main character gets too close to a chair or a toilet, it produces very weird sounds like the character rapidly tries to climb the object but falls (you can hear that in the vid in the bathroom when I investigated the knocking).


This game is absolutely wonderful! It is a bit empty, but action, tasks and the story makes you forget about it! So, I believe this experience deserves the best rating! 5/5.

Hope my feedback was useful!

Well this was terrifying, thanks dev i really liked this one:

Hello, I played this game and it was creepy

, short and sweet, good work :)

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I loved it and I really did not expect that ending

This is pretty cool, man. Your games are great! Always creepy as hell. Nice job!

I have come to recognise your style, good job.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

Very good game dev :D 

You should complete the games you play more.

Hey this is a good game. The only thing is at the beginning you cant move when diolouge comes up on the screen.

You cant pick up the key in the storage room. Its not interactable

If it happens on day 1, It's because you don't need it yet

oh might be it then. But how can i explore all rooms then? :)

just click the doors, it count

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