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Hi everyone, first of all, nice game, i tried to pass it but its kind of hard :p, i am a spanish youtuber, and i made a gameplay of the game :D 


Apparently I sing and ramble when I get scared. You would think that just a simple cleaning service job wouldn't do that but here we are!

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Interesting game, didn't realize the cleaning service company hired another employee besides me lol. Overall was a short game, but i enjoyed giving my commentary and playing it! 

Good job with the game although I wish I didn’t turn back as the monster was right there lmao

Hope you enjoy the video

Watch me laugh in the face of danger HAHAHAH...HA.... *cries*

Great job, Bored Leviathan. Especially the climactic part. That first jumpscare was pretty good too. I was reminded of Layers of Fear? Was that an inspiration. Thoughts at the end of the video.

I made a video (in french). I can't really finish the game cause the keybord is QWERTY, and I play AZERTY, [SPOIL] so I can't run to escape the monster [/SPOIL]
But really cool experience, fast and intense ! 

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Played this game in my livestream today and well.. it was one creepy experience to say the least! I love how the game built up tension, lots of darkness to keep the mind racing and forming shapes which might not even be there! MY favourite part was defiantly the maze race; lots of fast anxiety-inducing decisions to make in a very short space of time whilst being chased by a huge, ketchup-flinging monster. 

The biggest thing i would say it was lacking was a backstory. Maybe throwing in some subtle items and sounds hinting at the source of the monster/owners of the house would be a good addition. Either way, i had great fun! Thanks for creating this experience!

Here's a link to the stream if anyone is interested :)

I was literally saying "I was paid to clean this messy house you monster, you don't like it? I don't care, I'm cleaning anyway. Now please stop running towards the walls while carrying the ketchup bottle, would ya?

really enjoyed this please check out my play through below 

Thank you Kanye, very cool

Very enjoyable... What is that creature?

This was a cool game! I wish it was a bit brighter, it was really hard to navigate because it was so dark. And I couldn't see the monster until he was right in front of me. But I really liked the concept and execution!

Those game was weird and wild but pretty interesting 

about gave me a heart attack near the end lol

I'm impressed with what you created with it being your second game. It's a typical and straightforward short-horror experience, but the mechanics work and the gameplay is more expanded than expected.  Definitely take whatever constructive criticism you receive and build on that for your next game. I'm interested with what you could come up with. The only thing I'd possibly look into, if you're gonna use pre-made assets, try to find a monster that isn't so commonly used. 

Great work!

Loved the gameplay, it was super fun! Check out my full review and I can't wait to see more of your games!


I always knew I was a top notch cleaning professional! This game was a blast to play, I really enjoyed the game! Although I'm taking the blood off the list of things I clean now. XD
Can't wait to see what other games you guys release!

This game was super cool and the end completely caught me off guard. I will definitely play more games from you guys in the future. Here is my video on the game:

If you enjoyed the video then please consider subscribing! If you did not enjoy the video then please tell me what you did not enjoy in the comments so I can improve :)

Who would've thought housecleaning could be so scary? I enjoyed "That Dream," but being pursued by the monster in this game gave it the added element of danger that really boosts the tension. I also love how you use the workplace as the setting for your horror games and look forward to seeing what you have in store in the future. Great job Bored Leviathan!

Very neat game, solid spoopy atmosphere ,nice monster design too. Did prefer That Dream a tiny bit over this, but this was a great game too, Lets get rid of all that strawberry jam shall we, looking forward to future games

Here's a playtrough for anyone curious

Very interesting game. Cleaning service lol. too bad that game crashed when i almost reached end. good game. hope to see more from you in the future :)

btw here is my video if you are interested:

Cool game, but i think it could be made lighter

Man this game gave me the creeps BIG TIME. I hate tight corners and dark rooms so I guess this was literally designed to scare me but, the thought of cleaning a murder house is creepier than anything.

Awesome game !! 

Gameplay (español): 

Took me ages to find the key but it's a fun wee game 

A pretty scary game. You've nailed the whole dark atmosphere by making everything super dark and suspicious enough that the player has to keep guessing what's happening next. And I absolutely loved how the red light switches' image was subtly placed into the players' minds and they don't expect the extra one at the end to be the monster itself. 

It is a great game which gets everything a ten on ten, which is a checkpoint, the environment, the monster emerging and even the maze thing at the end. The only thing I found lacking was the story, maybe adding more to a story behind why there is blood everywhere or everything is wrecked or why there is a monster would make the game perfect. If there was a story, I might have missed it, sorry about that.

But all in all, a great game to play and loved going through it! Keep up the great work and good luck!

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Really quite an experience, glad I got to play it.

My main critique would be that the pacing felt a little rushed and having a deeper story/lore would be great ways to expand the concept. Perhaps have the house seem normal for longer or have smaller details out of place that escalate into the stranger events leading up to the blood and the painting.

My current headcanon/theory is that the painting is some  lovecraftian corruption that takes hold in a house like a mold, warping reality to insert itself into a room and leaking out weirdness into the home that acts to draw its victim near enough to pull it inside into the twisted mirror dimension that the creature resides in in order to feed.

Overall I really enjoyed the game, it's very well done on tension and atmosphere and it leaves me wanting to know more.

Amazing Game, I recommend it, the vibes it gives you is amazing! hahaaha

I also made a video about it (with commentary) :D

This game was very creepy, the atmosphere was great (give my elaborate opinion at the end of the video).

The horror game was somewhat scary? I don't know. I played it and the graphics were beautiful. The monster was terrifying as well. The rest of the critiques are near the end. Overall, it wasn't bad!

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anyone else shouting at their character for not running faster ? haha!



loved the game! keep it up

Very good scary game. Not really any jumpscares but the atmosphere gives you chills like crazy. Loved it

Enjoyed ypur short horror game. The maze section got me a few times, but overall nice experience.

Despite losing multiple times, I enjoyed myself. Cleaning Service reminds me of those old school PC horror indies that centers around a fairly simple concept: RUN!!


i love it mate

check my simple game too please

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